About the Book

MELT! An incomparable collection of the greatest cheese recipes ever devised
ISBN: 978-0-646-92213-3
Author: Bob Hart, Will Studd. Photography: Dean Cambray
Available from retail outlets, RRP: $24.95; or here signed, packed and posted in Australia for $35.
Melt book image MELT! is the key to the mastery of cooking with cheese.

It’s a striking book of 132 delectable pages containing 50 recipes that will change the way you think about cheese and how you cook with it.

The selection of recipes is comprehensive and surprising, but never absurdly complicated.
These are recipes that will find their way into every food enthusiast’s repertoire.

And in every case the recipe is supported by an explanation of the recommended cheese and guidance as to which of the available cheeses to use.

And in MELT!, meet Algernon P. Nibbles III – the cheese-loving mouse who lives and frolics through the recipe pages of the book as the old tradition of flip animation is revived.
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